The Dream of Owning your Home made Possible!


Irrespective of where you stand with your credit situation, you CAN get the approval for an RTO home. Firstly, a down payment will have to be paid, then an Agreement of Sales contract will be sketched out. All your needs will be considered to ensure you lose no money on legal grounds.


We will continue to support you till your rent-to-own term ends via a team of experts. Our Credit Specialists and Mortgage Brokers will ensure you qualify for a mortgage.


The minute you sign the agreement, you will become the proud owner of your own home! Monthly payments would eventually build up the down payment and an uplifted credit score!


Once your term for RTO is about to end, with enhanced credit score and mortgage approved, only the outstanding down payment will be left. With that requirement being fulfilled, you will become the legal owner of your home!


If you want to become a homeowner but are unable to qualify with the traditional lending organizations, the Agreement of Sale contract is your savior! We will help boost your credit score and give you relevant information to retain it even after you gain legal ownership. The acquisition price remains the same as it was at the initiation of the RTO program, regardless of real estate market fluctuations. Free to make any home renovations for an improved outlook, enabling you to attain tangible equity in your property!

Hurdles You Might Face:

There are numerous challenges that stand in the way of realizing your dream of owning a home. We at Amatas Group ensure your service delivery of the highest kind with your best interest at heart.
  • New to Alberta

    Without a proven credit history, you can utilize our Rent To Own program. Build your credit histories as you live in a home that you might eventually own.

  • Self-Employed

    No steady income. No worry! Our 2-year Notice of Assessment comes with a Credit Specialist or a Mortgage Broker. They will help you get home and approval by the end of your RTO term.

  • Credit Issues

    With regular monthly payments, your credit history will be strengthened. Our Credit Specialists will also provide you with extra knowledge regarding alternative ways to boost your credit to qualify for a mortgage by the term-end.

  • Divorce

    Our Rent to Own Program will provide you with all the support to eventually become a homeowner.

  • Low Income

    This might be an issue for traditional lenders. But with Amatas Group on your side, you can easily become the legal owner of your own home through the RTO program.

  • Down Payment

    Can’t make the full down payment? Not an issue! We will help you come up with a payment calendar that is as per your needs to make you a legal homeowner.

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