Selling a home was never this easy!

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A cut above the rest.

Do you want to sell your home quickly and swiftly? Our team of real estate industry professionals will be looking out for you by providing innovative alternatives every step of the way. Regardless of the current market scenarios with decreasing property values and a stressed economy complicating your selling objectives, we have solutions. An Agreement for Sale (AFS) with Amatas Group can ease your financial stresses in one go.

We understand your challenges, Let us help you find solutions.

Forego the need to put your home on any listing service and let go of the worry of not getting the value you desire. We will help you get cash upfront and access your equity. We will also help to optimize the worth you receive from the acquisition of your property. Especially in case of any financial constraints, we will aid you in improving the conditions of the property. Make it top-notch. Give it a facelift. Even if there is an urgency to sell and you do not have the time to wait for the market to get better, we have you covered. If the selling process seems too tedious, we have your back.

How will the AFS

be beneficial for you?

What do we offer

For Sellers with Equity

Amatas Group promises to undertake all of your financial burdens regarding your property till all the terms and conditions are completed, and your home is ready to be sold. We give you respite from financial responsibilities via the provision of a percentage or the whole of your equity right at the beginning. Most likely within the first 48 hours of any agreed-upon offer. We leverage your current mortgage and take over any related expenses for your home. These include arrear payments, mortgage payments, property taxes, insurances, utilities, HOA/condo fees, and property taxes.

For Sellers with Little to No Equity

We facilitate you by taking care of all the expenses you might incur at the time of selling your home, by buying your property for the current amount on the mortgage, and eventually paying it down for the next 3 to 5 years. Throughout the duration of that time, we will overlook the cost of your home and supervise a rent-to-own buyer in the house. A scenario that will benefit all.

For Sellers Requiring Repairs or Upgrades

Does your home need renovations? Come to us. We will help you revamp it, consequently increasing its market value. It will be a partnership with the profits being shared by both in halves – Us and you. Or we can also require the acquisition of your home at an equitable price as an alternative. This will free you from the headache of renovations, holding costs, or selling the home. Once purchased, the outstanding balance of the equity will be paid in full, as defined in the terms initially set in the contract with you.

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