Your lifestyle should not be a hindrance to where you want to live.

Amatas Group aims to accommodate all kinds of people looking for rentals. For short-term stopovers for vacation purposes or business-associated layovers, we will provide you with a place that feels like home. Alberta encompasses an array of landscapes. Whether you enjoy the mountains, city lifestyle, the calmness of the suburbs, or the lively downtown vibe, we offer it all.

Our outreach spreads out all over the province with professionally maintained relationships with our tenants. Even if you’re on the outlook for long-term renting, our capable Property Management team will ensure you have an extraordinary time.

Here’s how we do it:

Maintenance & Repair

Any issues that occur are immediately repaired and remedied by our property management team. The property is well-maintained by our reliable contractor at all times for all tenants.

Tenant insurance connection

Our associated Insurance experts are there to counsel you regarding any potential damages to your assets.

Rental incentives

Community-related benefits and rental incentives alongside stable rental payments for the tenants ensure a thrilling experience.

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